About Lobsters

Lobsters change with the seasons and depending on the time of year, may have a soft or hard shell. Soft-shelled lobsters are lobsters that have lots of room to grow in their shells. When you crack open a soft-shelled lobster, you will see the meat does not fill the shell. As they grow, lobsters’ shells become thicker and the meat grows into the available space. This continues until the shell is hard and full of meat. When hard-shelled lobsters have no more room to grow, they shed and a new shell forms. When this happens, they are called “shedders”. Shedders become soft-shelled lobsters whose meat is sweeter and tenderer than hard-shelled lobsters. Usually in this area of Maine, the shedding process begins mid-June and continues throughout October.


When you're out cruising the bay, keep an eye out for these markers of our local lobstermen! We are proud to say that every lobster served at Cook's Lobster & Ale House is caught by our local lobstermen in the waters surrounding our restaurant.

Mark Davis, John Dennen, Warren Graybill, Don Brown, Ken Graybill, Danny Coffin, Carl Anderson

Chuck Richter, Scott O'Brien, Bob Perry, Josh Morse, Craig Ramsey, Mark Wilson, Dave Johnson

We THANK YOU ALL for your hard work and dedication and providing us with the most delicious of Maine Lobsters!